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Partner Programs

At Tahoe, we believe our system is too good to keep all to ourselves and our clients! We want and need your help reselling or integrating with our system and we?re interested in growing our Partner Program with your help.

We have two separate programs for leveraging our platform and capabilities and helping you grow your own business. We have a program for Integration Partners and a program for Resellers. Each program is designed with the needs of that model in mind. Read on to see an overview of the details.

Integration Partner Program: (IP)

An Integration Partner or IP with Tahoe is a firm that wants to integrate all or some of the capabilities of our system into their own system. A revenue split occurs from an agreed upon model and the Tahoe name is basically nowhere to be seen because all interface and customer contact is done via your system. We simply become an extension of what you do and get paid a percentage as a result.

Examples of Integration Partners would be: ASP?s, Software companies, ISP?s, Teleco?s, Training companies and more. Any of these types of firms could embed key aspects of our system and thus enhance their product offering, typically resulting in increased revenues.

If you have a system that you think can benefit from the capabilities listed below, then contact us via the e-form and we will contact you to discuss qualifications and strategic fit.

Reseller Partner Program: (RP)

Do you want to make more money for your business? Read On!

A Reseller Partner, or RP, with Tahoe is a firm that wishes to open a new market by reselling the Tahoe Product (s). This would all be accomplished via an ASP model and we would integrate with your site and customized log in so that we were part of the ?look and Feel? of your site and your offerings.

Once you are signed as an RP, we train you and offer support materials like scripts and pricing and more, then you and your sales team take it from there and we remain in support of your ongoing sales effort. We provide a lucrative split program and an even more lucrative quantity discount program (qualified partners only).

If you are interested in learning more, contact us to discuss qualifications and strategic fit.